Taking into account the deep cultural connection between Chinese Martial Arts (“CMA”) and other types of performing arts, “Transforming Lingnan Martial Arts as a Movement and Performing Art through Digital Pedagogy, Interpretation and Performance” aims to create a new movement training system for CMA. This project will make extensive use of 3D technology, in particular motion capture, as tools for pedagogic and artistic interpretations of martial arts and performing arts.

Riding on ICMS’ in-depth research of CMA, expertise in new media, and considerable experience working with leading performing artists and organisations, the proposed project aims to:

  • Create a new movement training system based on the principles of CMA (which may be adapted to various types of performing and movement arts);
  • Create a pilot digital learning programme; and
  • Create an original performance that will explore the relationship, interface and interactivity between real-world and digital performance and experiences.

We have launched a two-year pilot programme for elite talents (including professional dancers, martial art athletes, physical theatre artists, and / or individuals with other movement qualifications and expertise). At the end of the programme, we plan to produce an orginal multimedia performance that melds martial arts and dance together.