This project represents the first systematic attempt to develop a scientific movement programme for CMA of the Lingnan tradition (Mainly focus on Hung Kuen, Choy Lei Fat and White Crane) that can be adapted to performing arts education and training in Hong Kong. The programme will offer a new type of training with a potentially transformative impact on performing arts education in Hong Kong.

We expect this project to have a major impact in helping Hong Kong develop a new aesthetic language for performing arts, in particular dance, that is rooted in our local martial arts heritage.


“Lingnan Martial Arts Elite Training” aims to create a new movement training system for CMA. This programme will make extensive use of 3D technology, in particular motion capture, as tools for pedagogic and artistic interpretations of martial arts and performing arts.


The recruitment period starts from 1 October 2021 till 30 November 2021. Shortlisted applicants will be invited to an audition in mid-January 2022, including compulsory performance and optional performance as technical assessment0. The training will commence in February 2022, with 8-14 candidates recruited.

Admission requirements:

  1. Age 16+
  2. Five years of professional or elite training in martial arts, dance, or comparable movement form;
  3. Referral from martial arts, dance or similar organisation(s).


ICMS will select and invite applicants from applications received to participate in the audition. The time, venue and form of audition are designated by ICMS.  The audition will include compulsory performance and optional performance as the technical assessment. Eligible applicants will receive the invitation to interview by letter and email within 14 days upon the application deadline (30 November 2021). Those who do not receive the invitation shall be considered as unsuccessful applications.

Training Scope

Participants will learn fundamental techniques, bio-mechanic principles, techniques for two-person training and traditional choreographed sets of movements of Lingnan martial arts. Training includes both theory classes and practice sessions, which allow participants to learn the skill and explore the intrinsic cultural value of martial arts. There will be a group discussion session at the end of each semester to let participants voice their opinions and communicate with each other.

Programme Period

February 2022 to December 2023 (2-year programme)


The training is consisted of two phases, each about eight months, with two hours of class every Monday. The training will be conducted in Cantonese.

Venue: Sheung Wan

Time: Every Tuesday, 7:45pm – 9:45pm


Phase 1 (February to December 2022)

Training: February to October 2022

Interim Assessment: October 2022

Interim Performance (Private performance): November/December 2022


Phase 2 (January to December 2023)

Training: January to August 2023

Final Assessment: August 2023


Participants with outstanding performance will be selected and invited to participate in the Final Performance:

Creative Workshop: September to November 2023

Final Performance: December 2023


*During the training programme, participants can have the priority to use the newly developed Digital Learning Platform of Lingnan Martial Arts for free.