“Lingnan Martial Arts Elite Training” has started officially

Published date: 22 February 2022

“Lingnan Martial Arts Elite Training” represents the first systematic attempt to develop a scientific movement programme for Chinese Martial Arts (“CMA”) of the Lingnan tradition (Mainly focus on Hung Kuen, Choy Lei Fat and White Crane) that can be adapted to performing arts education and training in Hong Kong. The programme will offer a new type of training with a potentially transformative impact on performing arts education in Hong Kong.

Participants will learn fundamental techniques, bio-mechanic principles, techniques for two-person training and traditional choreographed sets of movements of Lingnan martial arts. Training includes both theory classes and practice sessions, which allow participants to learn the skill and explore the intrinsic cultural value of martial arts. There will be a group discussion session at the end of each semester to let participants voice their opinions and communicate with each other.

Among a vast array of martial arts styles, our project will mainly focus on three sub-systems that respectively specialised in long-, medium-, and short-range techniques: Choy Lei Fat, Hung Kuen, and Fujian Yongchun White Crane styles, to offer a new training system for CMA.

Learn more about the course here